Merry Christmas

Hi there readers! I would like to formally introduce myself. I’m Kevin Coffey (incase you clicked on the wrong blog now is a great time exit… or stay for a read?).  This will not be a blog on arts and craft the subjects that will likely be discussed are: running, nutrition, lifestyle and leisure, tbi and of course some rants.

It’s the holiday season so lots of good energy.  I have bumped into some folks I haven’t seen in many years.  It’s nice to chat with people about what has developed in their lives over the last decade! I always find it absolutely fascinating.  One question I always get asked: do you still jog?  – I always giggle a little inside.  first because the word jog is a funny one and second because at times it can feel like that’s all i do! And that is meant in a very positive way.  I am so lucky/blessed to be able to “jog” as much and as often as I do.  In 2013, I was able to run 5km in 15:01, 10km in 30:16, 21.1km in 1:08:29, 30km in 1:39:24 and a marathon (oh baby those suckers hurt the legs and emotions like no other beast!) in 2:26:40.  I won’t dwell on the marathon!

Focussed training will started up again in the second week of January and really looking forward to that.  I am a huge fan of higher milage weeks because lets be honest running  100 mile weeks a lone is a sweet way to get to know yourself. And ya know battle the ol’ demons eh!

Had a little extracurricular fun the other night December 23.  Fellas (12 of them um bois) got together for a BNO (boys night out) little bit of dinner and drinks, then on to bowling (5pin of course) and drinks, things ended up at Santa Slam.  Hilariousness/competitiveness were the themes of the night.  Got a little banged up… but anyways…

Hope it was an alright first entry. I will try to get one posted every couple of weeks and remember: stable ships are meant to weather storms.