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Conclusion Knowledge Is Power! American Wheel Sequence The American version of roulette is known for having the highest casino advantage of them all, peaking at 5. With its addition, the total number of pockets on the American roulette wheel become Clockwise, the sequence of numbers goes like this: Due to that, the house edge is significantly lower than that of the American version — European roulette has an average casino advantage of only 2. The clockwise sequence of numbers on the wheel goes like this: They are the only bets that are not based on the layout of the table, but on the layout of the wheel.

European Wheel Sequence

Top Line: The rules of double-zero American roulette are: The house edge is 5. Online casinos have changed the gambling industry. With the help of an online casino, you can play your favorite roulette gaming option and keep winning.

American and European Roulette

American and European Roulette - Roulette tables

The order of numbers on the wheel in both games is completely different. Some casinos will offer the optional en prison rule on their European roulette tables. The "en prison" rule is where you get to spin the wheel again for another chance to win if you placed an even money bet e. Call Bets or "announced bets" are predetermined bets that cover specific sections of the roulette wheel. These are only available in European and French roulette. Anyway, I will clear things up for you once and for all. Roulette wheels There are only two types of roulette wheels: American and European and it is extremely easy to distinguish between the two. The main differences are: If you want to understand the logic of roulette wheels we have an excellent article you must read. Roulette tables Professional roulette tables have a rectangular shape and are usually made of solid wood. The border on the side of the players is usually made of leather, polished wood or Alcantara and often includes ashtrays and drink holders.

An independent structure is used to support and stabilize the roulette wheel. What is the American roulette table? The American roulette table typical dimensions are 2. It has the wheel on the short side, one dealer is standing on the side next to the wheel and the players sit on the other two sides: There are some differences in bets on single and double zero roulette which exist because of the one extra number 00 in American roulette. There is a special bet called "top line" in American roulette, which covers the numbers 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3, while the bets called "trio" or and "basket" are only available on European and French roulette tables. On top of that, French roulette is generally played with a rule called "La Partage", which further changes the RTP of certain bets. There are other rules like this that change the way roulette is played, or at least the payouts given to the player for certain bets. As you probably already noticed, I described these differences only extremely briefly.

Feel free to read it here: Roulette wheel layout The layout of the roulette wheel is one of the most important aspects of the game. It contains all of the numbers players can bet on. The numbers on the roulette wheel are not in ascending nor descending order, and, they are not randomly ordered either. The roulette wheel layout has its purpose. The purpose of the roulette wheel layout is to distribute the numbers as evenly as possible: Red and black numbers alternate. They are the only bets that are not based on the layout of the table, but on the layout of the wheel. Here is a list of all such bets, along with the numbers they cover. The Logic Behind the Wheel Layout The order of the numbers on the roulette wheel has nothing to do with their arithmetic value. This is one of the secrets that makes roulette such a balanced game — at least in theory.

The sequence of numbers is carefully designed, and manages to accomplish several things at once: The sequence is confusing. You can play this game endlessly, but a winning plan will help you in enhancing your wins. You should not worry much in this regard too. Here at our website, you can get the best guides and articles to gain knowledge on this topic. Our team of experts makes sure that you do not feel confusion or any similar difficulty while reading our articles. What is Roulette? Before we begin discussing any winning strategy, it is important for us to introduce Roulette. Roulette is a gaming option with numbers present on a spinning wheel.

American and European roulette compared.

The Differences Between The American and European Wheels

So if the house edge is 2. What does this mean? So is just one pocket an insignificant difference? Explaining It Another Way The house edges may seem relatively small. The Exception: This increases the odds that the player will win, so wins occur much more frequently.

American and European RouletteAmerican and European Roulette

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