Case of the Yips

This is pretty rare for me, but, have you ever had one of those days in life/training where you feel like you have put on two left shoes or you simply just don’t want to put your shoes on?  This feeling was really weird. I had an off day where I just didn’t want to train.  I couldn’t tell if it was the winter blues (too much time in doors) or it was that I was tired or hungry.  When I came home of school, I told myself, “Take a 30 min power nap and you’ll be spring fresh.” An hour later I was still procrastinating. “30 more and my body will thank me.” An hour later, “I bet I have logged enough miles this week so if I miss today, no biggie.” And finally, “What time does the gym close?” At that point it’s doe or die.

Like most things in life, I try to dig deep and figure out the root cause. It’s a really good way to problem solve and figure out what needs to be corrected. Originally, I started skimming the top, not delving in too far. I figured that I didn’t eat enough that day or maybe lacked vitamin D, both very likely reasons for an off moment. The brain doesn’t work well when it’s under fed and vitamin D is like TLC for the body!

I had to peel back a few more layers because I thought both of these causes are just micro stressors. I corrected those quickly and got back to basics.  I set up my schedule in a functional way. It is key that I organize my time to make sure that I hit the high notes! Putting things in perspective made me realize that I was making stress out of nothing (baseball players call it a case of the yips).

Training has been going at a steady rate and all parts of my life are as balanced as they can be.  Balance is such a tough thing to find (I think we are all searching for it) but once you have it, embrace it.  The yips (over thinking situations) will come and go, but figuring out what has worked well in the past is the best way to progress!

The roads have been alright in my part of the world, so I have been all over them! I hope things are balanced in your world and training is going smoothly!



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