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Santa Ynez, CA The beds are amazing! Slept all night! Rooms have a mini bar, but no mini fridge. If you get a players reward card you can request a free mini fridge at the front desk. Casino has a nice full bar, blonde ale on tap! No air ventilation. The bar closes at Buffet very disappointing. More like cafeteria food from a hospital.

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Modern clean rooms. Delicious dinner at Willow restaurant although super pricey. Laura, USA Room service, front desk, and property were clean and excellent. Casino restaurants were good. The showroom was well ventilated, very organized, and the security staff was very helpful.

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Email Bonus Offers Casinos may periodically send offers by email to their current players. To receive email offers, players are required to open an account with the casino but to get special rewards and benefits, players must remain active and play through a significant amount of money. Very clean and comfortable firm bed. We got an adjoining room two queens and king which worked out well for the whole family on the top floor 12 - view was nice! The elevators are fast. Yes, you do have to walk through thick smoky air to get to the restaurants. We went to the cafe and had great food and service there at decent prices too! Not much for the kids to do at all but we only stayed one night so that was fine. The self park height was too low for our SUV with cargo box so we had to valet which was free.

Ok, adding to last review My tea order was correct, they made it right, and they were friendly! I was happy to see that it is just a few staff members that need to try harder to take care of the customers. So it turns out different staff members do care and take good care of us Starbucks fans! I have 3 more days to visit. So thats my thoughts Not a fan. The two times we went over our weekend stay I saw one lady get excited for a win. For me that is pretty sad. I told the husband lets get out of here after only an hour. The area is nice though. Many wineries to visit. Rooms are nice but stay somewhere else where you can see the town. My husband took me here for my birthday, the rooms were decent , the casino was never over packed and the gifts they were giving out that weekend was a crockpot which was very nice. The restuarant inside the casino was pretty good as well.

The thing that I liked the most was the pool its 21 and over , it was nice and peaceful we literally were at the pool the whole day, the drinks were also good. I would definitely go back. One of our favorite quick trips! A little slot action, a great meal at the in-house restaurant, Willows or maybe a bite at the bar at Willows! A little more slot play and on to our room Entry into a living area with a nice balcony, a sofa bed, dining area, dry bar with refrigerator and a big powder room. From there into the bedroom appointed with king-sized bed, dresser and large closet. A television illuminated inside the mirror! First hotel stay after having visited casino over the years. No proof offered, no recourse available to us apparently.

Are you kidding me.. They will take extra measures to take your money.. AVOID this place! The concert was a sh t show. The staff is unhelpful and not friendly. They let people stand in aisles, stand in front of the stage, there was zero effort to keep those at bay. I have emailed Chumash twice for an explanation as to why they bother charging people more money for better seats when anyone can stand anywhere and they have yet to respond. I go to other casinos and win. Ronald, USA.. What we appreciated though, was that no one has their hand out like Vegas It makes your gratuities more genuine Beau, USA excellent beds, very comfortable and lots of pillows. Dona, USA Comfortable room, delicious clam chowder. All else, very disappointing. Rose, USA restaurant food is wonderful

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