Crown Casino Scam Takes $32 Million - Thieves hack casino cameras, pull off simple $32 million scam

As the Asian casino market continues to skyrocket — and as new-fangled, nearly imperceptible technology becomes easier for the everyday player to get their hands on — trying to stay ahead of casino cheats all over the world has become big business wherever you go. More Sophisticated Scams Now Possible While cheating casinos is certainly nothing new, the ability to do so nearly undetected is becoming much more commonplace, and properties that are still using old analog technology from what now seems like the Stone Age — technology that used actual VHS tapes instead of the far more practical and compact digital version — are struggling to keep abreast of customers who may be one step ahead of them, technology-wise. Not all the scams are brand new, but some have become more sophisticated as devices become less and less visible to the naked eye. And apparently the newest and oldest casinos are the most vulnerable; the old ones for the aforementioned antiquated systems and the new ones for systems that, ironically, may be so new-fangled and complex that it takes even seasoned operators awhile to completely get the hang of them.

Inside Jobs And sometimes those supposedly in charge of security turn out to be part of the scammers themselves. While Crown never made the whole story public knowledge, we do know that a security person got info to a VIP baccarat player via a wireless radio device; the security himself got the insider info by putting a micro-cam into the card-shuffling shoe. Macau currently has some , security cameras among its numerous casino properties, and another 50, are expected to join their ranks as the Cotai Strip — the Las Vegas equivalent in Macau — continues to expand. In fact, it may be the number one market for surveillance equipment in the world soon. But it also has the most sizable needs, performance-wise.

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Crown Casino Scam Takes $32 Million - Inside Jobs

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More Sophisticated Scams Now Possible

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Gambling Addict sues Crown Casino Lynda Kinkade Reports.