Fast Car

Good morning, good evening, I hope you like dreaming.  I took off to a low key race in Perth, Ontario – Glen Tay Block Race – which was held on August 28.  It was started 107 years ago and there were 112 participants this year!

I guess I will give a story before the race because it was on my mind the majority of the drive up and back.  In the summer of 2012 I just got my driver’s license. I was late to get my license for a collection of reasons.  Yahta yahta yahta I decided to drive up to my friend’s cottage.  I picked up DB and we took off like it was just a couple buds going to a cottage for the day.  Well, I took the wrong turn and ended up putting us off a couple minutes off course and decided to make up some time on highway 10.  Being a new driver and not really knowing the finer nuance of how driving on windy roads, I drove on to the gravel shoulder and fishtailed.  I tried to correct the error and, in doing so, drove the car off the road into a marsh.  The car flipped over and it was one of the craziest things I have ever lived through/remembered. If we were 50m further up the road, we would have hit a rock wall.  So, thinking about how blessed/lucky I was not to have killed my friend and still be alive and able to run, I was pretty geared up for a solid run!

I rolled into Perth a little behind schedule, nothing new to me! Did a quick warm up and got to the line.  I was the last person to get to the line and everyone else was listening to the race director go through the history of the race, where to make turns, what side of the road… you know, that sort of important information! I was just thinking, wing it and it will likely work out! I am not new to showing up to races minutes before the gun goes off.  As a matter of fact, I have almost missed the start of the Army run the 2x I was in it! There is something raw and a little bit unsettling about this that gives me the perfect cocktail for an adrenaline rush.  Some folks like to feel relaxed. I kinda get a kick out of being on edge before a race!

The gun goes off. I am running with a younger guy for the first 4ish kilometers.  He was leading me through the first mile because frankly, I had no idea where I was going and Steve (coach) indicated it was a tempo workout/race.  We cruised by the first mile in 5:05.  The legs and lungs were feeling good.  I was kinda shocked because I had just come off the hardest week of I have ever had, so I thought anything could happen.  It might be a good day or a slug fest! I found that I was getting progressively faster on this scenic route.  At around 11 km, I looked at my watch and thought, “Man, this is a good day for me. “ I strolled by that point in 34 min flat.  At this point the route has you share the road with the cars run and there isn’t a paved shoulder.  Some of the drivers are cool with you taking up a bit of road; some of them were NOT having it.  It was kind dodgy! Once you get through that stretch you are flying right down  Perth’s main street (nice little town).  I finished the 14.7km race in a time of 45:58.  I was pretty happy with things.

Next on the Agenda:

I will be running around the zoo in a couple of weeks for the National 10k Canadian Road Championships.  Then will be racing a fall marathon TBA.  Training and life has been going pretty well so the spirit is high and the energy levels are right where I want them to be!

I hope you all are excited to start the fall race season! Good luck with the closing weeks of training and nail those times at your race!


One thought on “Fast Car

  1. Let’s hope the Zoo Run has a few less turns this year hey! Also the TBA marathon has me super curious ha, I just assumed you’d be rolling STWM, Actually no joke, I was hoping to get into a group with yourself or few guy’s trying to run 2:18ish and hang out with you all for 13.1 before turning to finish ha. 1:08 high 1:09 low would be a a nice half debut for me and you guy’s running the big show pace like clock work.

    Anyways my man, keep training like an animal yeah. Might catch you at the start line of the zoo. (At the technical meeting if they start telling us about 50 button hook turns I swear I’m going to run the 5km….ha)


    PS: Great blog

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