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Share This is a guest post from my good friend Pam Nguyen, who runs Surviving College another awesome college blog. Hong Kong, by the way, is one of the best study abroad locations if you want an opportunity to travel throughout Southeast Asia. I think the entire exchange program decided to travel to the Philippines or Thailand that weekend. My good friend Jenny had been feeling a bit rebellious at the time. She was intending to go bungee jumping while we were in Macau without the permission of her parents, who had been funding her study abroad budget. Insert gasp here. Macau is home to the Macau Tower , which is the second highest commercial sky jump in the world.

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Deana Scott September 5, As the summer season peaks, according to AAA, more people are on the road than ever before, traveling to their favorite summertime destination. Many of these stops now include Indian gaming resorts. In June, I did a Raving road trip throughout the Northwest, visiting tribal casinos near Seattle, then heading south, through Oregon to Northern California. Nothing can replace seeing first-hand the challenges and opportunities in Indian country. Many exciting new projects and innovations are happening in the NW, including the Ilani Casino Resort the photo to the right was taken by my Mom on opening day operated by the Cowlitz Tribe and servicing the Portland-Vancouver area. It was great to have a chance to catch up with the leaders who now, after 17 years of work and much controversy, have realized their dream of operating a gaming facility.

Five Life Lessons You Can Learn From Casinos

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I failed miserably at this. So miserably. It was laughable, how badly I failed! I bungee jumped! Thinking back on my bungee jumping experience in Macau, I have a truly proud moment I continue to look back on fondly. Here are 5 life lessons I learned from bungee jumping in Macau: Many people I knew were shocked when they saw that I had bungee jumped. Of all the people they knew in high school or college, they never would have pegged me to do something so… extreme. A lot of the college experience is about learning to create structure within the newfound freedom you have away from your parents, but a lot of it is creating memories that make your college experience unforgettable. If you are an intense planner like I am, these memories are harder to come by, and that can make your college life a little dull.

Spontaneity may not come easy to you, but letting loose once in a while and just saying yes to something to which you would typically say no can be life-changing. But I am really glad I experienced this with a friend. One of my deciding factors when I froze at the jumping platform well, besides the fact that I already paid was that Jenny had already jumped, and if she did, I had to as well! The support of a good friend instantly creates the confidence and determination that might have waned as you considered facing some obstacles. It does help when you have a familiar face and voice and calm your nerves! Before I was called to the platform, the bungee jump team was telling me about a girl who was frozen on the jumping platform for 30 minutes before she was able to finally jump. The point of this story was that she actually did jump, despite her being so terrified that she refused to do so for so long. This applies to everything college. College is a big step.

You really are taking a leap of faith that you choose the right school, hopefully luck out on the right roommate, and choose the right professors. Doing something wrong is better than not doing anything at all. But I did it. I also learned, realized my mistakes, and did better the next time. This is similar to lesson 3: Spontaneously deciding to bungee jump is expensive! I went well over my budget for my day trip. But you know what? All of this cost me a lot of money, but it was money well spent. We have been fortunate to have a relative monopoly in our markets; this will not be the case going forward. Tribes will expand their gaming footprint, and commercial and state operators will continue to find ways to grab a piece of the market. Golf and technology Many tribes in the Northwest and across the nation are golf course operators or have established relationships with local courses. It appears the golf courses have found their rightful place as a resort amenity, while realizing that golf does not drive top-end players as once hoped.

Golfing on this road trip, with my year old clubs that I bought at Big 5, demonstrated why using my current clubs is like using outdated technology. Although I will never have the skills like Stanford-golfer Dennis, new equipment with training can only help my game. This reinforced the idea that we all must examine our technology and make sure it is doing the job that we need it to do today. Our players demand more We have trained our players to want and demand more from us. What can we offer and how can we address this need? Creating this atmosphere happens when analytics and research result in the delivery of an experience that cannot be replicated by the competition. It must be organic to the organization and the individual player. It takes work across the organization to pull it off, but if you can, you will create Super Fans of your organization.

Smaller properties can exist next to the bigger ones and even thrive Since the rooms at Tulalip Resort Casino — the conference and expo site — were sold out, we opted to drive up the road about twenty minutes and stay at Angel of the Winds Casino Resort. However, many jurisdictions are struggling with significant workforce challenges. This is especially true in data analytics and marketing. The tribes that have proven stability and vision are becoming the employer of choice. This is a great advantage in a competitive market. For those who are struggling to fill those positions, it may take a new approach to ensure consistency in this strategic part of the business.

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Five Life Lessons You Can Learn From Casinos Close Nov 20, Some of our best life lessons come from experiences, and the casino offers plenty of opportunities to experience a vast range of emotions. Winning, losing, and breaking even are part of the game, and learning from these experiences can help teach lessons beyond a casino context. Bankroll is Boss Managing your bankroll in a responsible way not only guarantees you more fun behind the reels, but also teaches valuable lessons about spending vs. Simply devising a plan will help you stay in your bankroll budget. This desire leads us to cut corners. Take blackjack for example, you could follow the strategy charts while playing, but taking the time to learn the theory behind the game will help you understand the game as a whole. Win with Humility and Lose with Grace With casino games, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. The same can be said of life.

Learning how to react to wins and losses will make you less susceptible to chasing losses, or blowing wins. Simply learning to accept this will make you a more balanced casino player.

Five Life Lessons You Can Learn From CasinosFive Life Lessons You Can Learn From Casinos

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