Here for a Good Time

Friends, it has been a couple of weeks since my last blog post.  Life and training have been going pretty smoothly.  I, like everyone, have some good sessions, some great sessions and some down right awful sessions (relative to ability and expectation). This blog was going to be about getting over the bad times but I decided to hold off on that one.

There have been some changes in my day to day life.  Recently, I started volunteering at a gym associated with the Queens Kinesiology Program, Revved Up.  It is a gym where people with spinal cord injuries, physical, or mental disABILITIES can go and workout while being supervised by trainers and kin students.  Let me tell you, going there once a week is one of the highlights of my week.  The amount of joy that the participants have for exercise is empowering. My goal is to try and help the participants at Revved Up have fun during their workout by chatting about anything and everything.  I want them to feel like I am a person just like them! Honestly, I feel like I have a lot in common. Shhhh don’t tell anyone, but when I have to dig deep in a workout or a race, I always remember the tough times I have been through.

I hope everyone’s training and racing has been going well.  I am prepping/resting up for the Ottawa Race Weekend 10k on Saturday at 6:30pm.  The Run Ottawa team puts on a good show and there is always loads of fans cheering runners on. Come out Saturday night and watch some of the fastest people in the world run 10k and stay the weekend seeing the half and full marathon on Sunday.  The streets will be filled with runners and positive energy! For the readers that have never run a big city race, the atmosphere will give you that energy buzz and encouragement you need to sign up for a fall race!

As for my expected running time: folks I am going to take George Strait’s words to heart and go into the race thinking “I ain’t here for a long time,  I’m here for a good time.”

All the best, folks! Have a great race weekend and be proud of your accomplishment!


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