Heroes of the Sidewalk

Alright, alright, alright we are back into some blogging action. I have been pretty lame and have not written a blog in a few months. Sorry folks! I guess I didn’t think I had much to write about with my mileage being down and living a simpler life. Ha, it’s pretty average!


I was a phys-ed teaching assistant at a French Catholic elementary school working with kids from junior kindergarten to grade 8. Let me tell you, my second language has really gone to the doe doe over the past few years! But, it was really neat helping out at the school. It had some challenging parts. Working with kids in a group setting that has little structure (games of low organization and developmental exercises and drills) really makes a person develop patience! The staff at the school was very helpful and was very kind and understanding with my lack of French! Working with kids in their developmental years is a pretty cool thing. I have to tip my hat to all the teachers out there. It’s harder than it seems!

Winter So Far:

I have started picking up my training volume over the past couple of weeks, which is always a good thing. This winter running conditions have been very sporadic in southeastern Ontario. Winter didn’t really come until January 1 but the last couple of weeks have been tough. It has given us numbing cold temperatures and 30+cm of snow. I know it’s only been a couple weeks of this weather but let me tell ya, I’m sick of it!

Since the winter started, I ran an 8km on January 4, 2015. It was the classic KRRA Resolution Run. It was a good chance to get back running tempo runs. The weather wasn’t great. In fact, we had freezing rain/snow the night before. The race officials didn’t make the final decision on the race actually taking place until 8am that morning. It was a pretty good workout. I ran the course in 26:12. There was only about a mile of clear road. I realized that I had to adjust my expectations and race for the conditions. No point going out thinking that I would run a summer race in slushy, slippery conditions.

Spring Plans:

Well now! This is the exciting part of the blog. I was just accepted to run the Hamburg Marathon on April 26. It has always been a dream of mine to run a marathon overseas. My training for the next 15 weeks will be focused on this marathon. From what I can tell from watching videos and researching the marathon, the event looks amazing. I am lucky I have an aunt and uncle that have a place in Kiel, Germany, which is roughly an hour outside of Hamburg, so I can go there 10 days before the race and settle in. My training has been going well and my spirits are high! With the combination of those two things, anything is possible!

I could never have set these race plans up without the help of Steve Boyd and Allan Brooks. These two guys really helped me get my foot in the door to this international marathon. Don’t worry fellas; the type A in me will be working overtime to make this a success.

Thank you all for the read and hope all of your training is going smoother than the sidewalks in your town!


2 thoughts on “Heroes of the Sidewalk

  1. Best of luck Kevin! Winter tends to put a damper on running I find, working trough it makes you stronger! Keep pushing and Never Give Up!

  2. Winter did not get any better. Glad that is over. Hope training is going well and you are on track for Hamburg. See you on the streets hopefully.

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