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To runners of all ages and abilities, let it be stated that when running a race in the wonderful City of Kingston there are two things we will never seem to escape. They are the inevitable, which are hills and wind.  If you have ever trained in this scenic city, you know what I am talking about! This city’s rugged conditions have produced athletes like Simon Whitfield and Dylan Wykes, just to name a couple.  It takes a certain grit to train on these windy streets (fun fact: the winds are so good that Kingston was the host site for the 1976 Olympic sailing). There are beautiful limestone buildings before, after and along side of some  delicious rolling hills.  It’s a pretty sweet place to run.

Today, I, and 70ish people, took on the “new year, new you” idea and ran the KRRA Resolution Run.  Diggity darn, these KRRA events are fun and well put together.  They have chili, friendly volunteers -along with welcoming runners, and great prizes for a local race! Here is how it went:

I am always nervous before any race, test, life situations,  so my thinking was the same for this one; do your best and believe.  I went in with no real plan, just run and try to stay focussed.  It should be noted that I have not run a tempo workout in 3 months so I truly was running blind.  This was either going to be a flush or a bust (it turned out average).  Ran the race 8km (hilly with poor footing at times) in a time of 25:08. I was a minute or so a head of second place Rob Asselstine. This guy is going to have a strong 2014 season. With 400m to go in the race, someone from the crowd yells “you might as well walk it in from here.”  My reaction to situations like this are simple; I don’t understand. I don’t know how to take it easy.  It hit me at that moment that I am an A to B runner.  I try and get there as fast as I can (of course, following coach’s- Steve Boyd’s – guidelines).  Live and learn, right.

Thanks again to all the reads and positive reviews.  You people rock and make this running experience fun!

Gotta giddy up and go to a pm running session!!


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