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After activating a Widget, it will not expire. Are you sure you want to use one of your widgets? Load up a widget by dragging it from the top right into the widget slot. At this time, you can also choose to use a Large Claw Power-Up if you have one. Use your arrow keys to move the claw around and press the space bar to grab a prize pod. If you do not do this within 30 seconds, the claw will automatically descend and grab something for you. Click on the selected prize pod to claim your prize. You can use a Tier Boost Power-Up at this point to change your prize to an item from a higher tier. Once purchased, power-ups do not expire and will not go into your inventory; instead, they will be added to your in-game power-up tally.

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Hardware , Laptop hacks 67 Is it possible to fix laptop memory slot failure with a guitar pick? Yes, it is. You will not fix the memory slot itself, but you can work around the problem. The laptop starts and works properly, but recognizes only one of the two memory modules installed. First of all, I removed the memory cover to find out if both memory modules are installed correctly. The laptop had two MB Kingston modules installed and they were seated properly.

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