Jigsaw Falling Into Place

Weekend of fun, weekend on the run.  Twelve runners from Queen’s, Physi-Kult and I went to Ottawa to run/race on the Dome Track. It is always special running in a track meet. We packed into a U-haul for humans (surprisingly roomy).  I have always been a fan of road trips as I was on many as a hockey player in my youth. So, I was right at home on the road.

This was only my second track meet since elementary school! I rarely see races that are 5k or shorter. Embarrassing but true. It is wicked cool seeing people run hella fast for short periods of time! Much respect goes out to the mid-distance runners and the sprinters!

The dome is a very nice facility.  It was well worth the trip to despite only running for less than 15 minutes. Steve (my coach) had set things up so that Jeff Costen (good stuff, strong run) and I could have a good race. We were paced by David Cashin (heading to CIS championships – good luck!) for 3km. This was my first time with a pacer and what a help!  I told myself to just run behind David by a meter or two and get ready to run solo. Afterwards, I realized that I should have looked at my watch a few time, but hey, live and learn! It was really weird near the end because I decided to sit back and turn it into a workout.  I didn’t pick up pace, I just hit my splits and called it a day.  Jeff and I ran 4 km in 11:50 so I guess I didn’t fall off, which was good. I just ran the same pace for 5km (stayed true to pace) and finished the last 400 metre lap in 69 seconds.  It was a solid “run- through” race and all parts of my body/mind are feeling like a jigsaw falling into place (sick radiohead song!).  I have a few more solid weeks of training and then, Around the Bay.  Let us ALL hope the weather improves soon.

Hope all is going well and you are running strong.  Post a comment and let me know!


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