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This requires a bit of time and effort, but it can definitely be worth it if you like big jackpots and are looking to increase your slot payout rate. The General Premise of Progressive Jackpots Progressive jackpots have a very distinct affect on the payout rates of games. Suppose we have an example progressive slot that would have a low payout rate of just 90 percent if we took away the chance to win the progressive but that has a 94 percent payout rate when the progressive is available. Then the payout rate will be about percent. We could use this fact to our advantage by only playing this game when the jackpot is really high. However, it could take a long time for that to happen, so we would be stuck with nothing to play in the meantime. Start by making columns for the name of the slot, the payout rate for the slot, the starting amount for the jackpot for that game, and the current amount of the jackpot.

The column for the current amount will be updated when you start each slots session so that you can compare the data on your list of slots to choose the games that are the best picks. You can find the payout rates, with and without the jackpot, for a lot of games with online databases that are provided by software providers.


With that in mind, maximizing slot payouts comes down to choice of games and making the wagers necessary to get the most they have to offer. In the United States, where many state gaming boards publish statistics each month, nationwide averages look like this: Those are national averages, but can vary widely from state to state and casino to casino, depending on the competitive situation and marketing goals of the casinos. On video slots, Mississippi casinos pay far above the national average on both penny non-progressives and on five-cent games. But the normal pattern holds in that the higher denomination slots pay a greater percentage back to players than the lower denomination games. The cent-and-up slots are mostly games with mechanical reels. That difference in wager size means you can lose more money even while getting a higher payback percentage.


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A woman playing across the aisle from me saw the jackpot symbols line up. She started screaming and her friends surrounded her, offering hugs and congratulations. And then … nothing. No lights, no music, no money. It was just a losing spin. The situation is different on five-reel video slots. Paybacks are proportional to coins wagered per payline on these games, with no jackpot jump for betting the max. There are a few notable things about that pay table: In order to give easy examples and streamline the math, this game is simplified from the pay tables you actually see in casinos. Casino games often use more character symbols and also often use generic symbols such as A-K-Q-J Many video slots also include more than one bonus event. Despite the simplification, there are many more possible winning combinations than on the three-reel slot.

Even two in a row of the top-paying symbol brings some payoff. As set up, this game with 20 paylines and a five-coin maximum bet per line would have a maximum total bet of coins. The pay table is proportional from to bottom, so betting maximum coins does not increase payback percentage. That is typical on video slots. However, it might be to your advantage to make sure you bet on every payline. Because on some machines, the bonus symbols must land on an active payline for you to be eligible for the free spins, wheel spin, pick-a- symbol round or whatever other special event has been designed into the game. An example: You decide to bet a single coin. That activates only the center payline. You go to the bonus event if three bonus symbols land on the center line, since that line is active.

However, if the reels land on any line you have not activated, you do not go to the bonus. Time spent in bonus events is time you spend building credits without making extra wagers, so you want to maximize your chances of going to the bonuses. Some newer games avoid the issue by eliminating the option to play fewer paylines than available. A disproportionate leap in the top jackpot is the most common incentive for betting the max on three-reel games. On most video slots, betting the max does not increase payback percentage. Covering all paylines, even with minimum coins per line, is important on video slots, especially if bonuses require symbols to land on an active payline. Odds of the games are set so the house will make money, no matter what your bet size, and regardless of whether you are playing in a live casino or online casino.

One method is by scouting progressives, which can be broken into two major areas: On many video slot machines with progressive jackpots, especially those with two, three, four or more levels of progressive, you must make a separate wager to be eligible for the jackpots. Sometimes the button panel includes a separate button that includes covering all the paylines plus jackpot eligibility. The amount required for jackpot eligibility varies in different machines. On a game with a credit jackpot bet, if you cover 20 paylines at 1 credit per line and make the jackpot bet, your total wager is 30 credits. The progressive jackpots are the prime attraction of such games. You maximize your return by making the jackpot bet.

How much was it? Jackpot starting point: Jackpot winners: However, there is a disproportionate jump in the top jackpot when you bet three coins. Three 7s pay five times as much when you bet three coins as when you bet one. That has the effect of giving the game a higher payback percentage when you bet max coins. Three-reel progressives are this type of game, amped up with a growing jackpot. You have to bet the max to be eligible for the jackpot. That shows a payback percentage of Bottom line: If you bet the max, this machine returns 95 percent. However, the normal odds of the game, coupled with the disproportionate pay table, make the payback percentage higher if you bet maximum coins. Does that mean you should always bet the max? The machine detailed under multipliers with modified jackpots returns Per 1, plays, one-coin wagers bring a coin return. The house keeps 83 coins. If you bet three coins per play, the payback percentage increases to 95 percent.

Per 1, three-coin bets, you get back 2, coins. The house keeps Just how big the difference in percentages and average losses differ from game to game, but you need to weigh the larger risk when weighing whether to bet more to get a higher payback percentage. Since the winning combination is on the third line, you would get the three 7s winner only if you bet maximum coins. Other buy-a-pays unlock paying symbols with each coin wagered. The first coin wagered unlocks the fruit symbols, the second coin unlocks the bars and the third coin unlocks the 7s If you line up three bars but have wagered only one coin, you do not win. Likewise, if you line up three 7s and have bet only one or two coins, you get back nothing.

Do not play a buy-a-pay if you are not willing to wager enough to unlock all the symbols. A woman playing across the aisle from me saw the jackpot symbols line up. She started screaming and her friends surrounded her, offering hugs and congratulations. And then … nothing. No lights, no music, no money. It was just a losing spin. The situation is different on five-reel video slots. Paybacks are proportional to coins wagered per payline on these games, with no jackpot jump for betting the max. There are a few notable things about that pay table: In order to give easy examples and streamline the math, this game is simplified from the pay tables you actually see in casinos. Dahmer believes that unless your RRSP is earning better than a guaranteed 8. He suggests most people will be better off replacing the funds they would have received from earlier CPP benefits through incremental withdrawals from their RRSPs. Ask Question.

If you decide to start before age 65, each month will cost you 0. A good place to start to review your own situation is to get a copy of your projected CPP entitlement from the Service Canada website. It shows your history of contributions since age 18 and an estimate of your monthly entitlement starting at My statement revealed that because of a few non-contributory years early in my 20s and the last two years, my CPP would be slightly less than the maximum. However, I concluded the difference was not substantial enough that it was worth continuing to take earned income into my personal hands and pay more CPP contributions on. Loss minimization, profit maximization, volatility-related strategies and the like abound. Many slot players use their intuition to determine when the right time to walk away is. Perhaps the most dangerous aspect of a slot machine game is its volatility, and the speed with which you can lose money. How to Win at Pokies?

Facts and Myths Source: Gambling Help NSW The interesting thing about the random number generator RNG in slot machine games is that nobody can predict what the outcomes will be. This includes the proprietor of the slot machines, the casino, or the player. They are simply decorative items designed to captivate your attention. The odds of winning a pokies jackpot never change — irrespective of how long you play. Experts advise that the best way to win at pokies is to play over short spells. Go in with a preset bankroll, and be prepared to walk away once that has been spent. Consider that your entertainment budget for the slot machine games. The way the slot machine manufacturers calculate these percentages is over an infinite timeframe. This means that the total number of bets on that slot machine are factored in and the total number of payouts including mega jackpots to a select few players are also calculated.

For instance; If the player decides to bet on a single coin, it can activate only the center payline. The player then goes to the event if the three bonus symbol lands in the center line, since it is now an active line. The time that is spent by the player in bonus events is where they get to build their credits without having to make any extra wagers. This is reason enough for slot players to maximize their chances of winning a bonus event during the game, or win as many bonus events as they can during a game. Some of the newly designed slots do away with the problem altogether by getting rid of the option to play fewer paylines than those available. Slots featuring mechanical reels without the multiplier pay tables allow players to get the highest payback percentage possible by betting the maximum number of coins. The disproportionate leap in the top jackpots are the main incentives of playing the three-reel slots and betting the max.

Receiving the highest payback percentage after betting the max does not necessarily mean that the average losses are lower just because the higher bets lead to more risks. Being able to cover all of the paylines even those whit the minimum coins per line is crucial when it comes to video slots, and especially if the bonuses require the symbols to land only on those paylines that are active. Scouting for Progressives By betting max coins on the three-reel slots and making sure you cover all of the paylines, you can get a maximum payback percentage on video slots. That being said, even covering these factors cannot get the player the advantage over the house edge. This is because the odds of the slot games have been initially set so that the house can make a profit, regardless of the size of the bet or whether the player is using a live casino or an online one. But, it is natural for some slot players to try to turn those odds around.

One way of getting an advantage is by scouting for progressives in the live casino games, which can be broken into two groups: Scouting for the top jackpots in three-reel games is one way to increase your chances of hitting the jackpot. Scouting for those slot games where the casino advertises that a certain number is required before the player can win a jackpot. With the amount of work that is required, scouting is an extremely time consuming job and is not at all as easy as it is thought to be Players do not have the necessary information of the jackpot amount. Scouting for jackpots becomes even harder when you are playing progressive slots that are linked together, and usually means that another player who is playing the same game could win the jackpot. The results of the jackpots remain random so it is less likely that you could win a jackpot by simply scouting for them. But, if you are playing progressives and the jackpot is already high, the payback percentage will also be considerably high.

While it is hard to have an advantage over the house edge, skipping low jackpot games means you will always be playing for a higher jackpot, or at least one that is higher than the pay table. Scouting for Top-Paying Jackpots The progressive slots begin each of the jackpots with a base amount, which is built up with each bet made by the players. Those players who scout for progressives do not play the slots that have a low jackpot amount, but rather, the average payoff slots. This can be done after much scouting and charting for the big payoffs. Jackpot hunters usually keep a record of the slots in an attempt to determine the average payoffs whenever the jackpot hits. Since it is not possible for the jackpot hunter to be present during every jackpot win, certain aspects need to be considered, such as the following: It is imperative for those slot players who are serious about winning a jackpot to make frequent visits to the casino to see the jackpot level, or ,more easy you can also use jackpot.

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Money Maximize your CPP payouts Take early or defer? Mind you, there used to be a slight actuarial advantage to taking early CPP at 60 but that was negated a few years ago. And while several friends I know are happy to have collected it at 60, here I am at 63, and have still not opted to receive CPP. The new rules of retirement A closer look at the financial repression facing your nest eggRY With that in mind, maximizing slot payouts comes down to choice of games and making the wagers necessary to get the most they have to offer.

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Visit Planet 7 OZ Casino Codes and Bonuses On the one hand, a view persists that pokies are games of pure chance, and no amount of tactics or strategy can help you to maximize your payouts. On the opposite end of the spectrum, slots aficionados argue that there are definite playing practices that you can adopt to help you maximize your payouts. The area in between these opposing viewpoints is where we will begin our in-depth exploration of slot machine tipstricks, and strategies. As a slot machine player, your natural inclination is to find inventive ways of understanding the slot game of your choice, and ultimately employing strategies to help you gain the advantage over the machine. The house a. Typically, the bulk of casino revenues are generated through slot machine games. Myth Buster 1 I Just Missed a Jackpot — When the spinning reels come to a stop on a slot machine game, and you are fractionally away from a jackpot, that near MAXIMIZING SLOT PAYOUTS is not a near miss at all.

Slot machine games a. The moment you activate the spinning reels, a predetermined outcome is instantly calculated.


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