My Notes

Folks, I was on the road again last weekend, this time in Toronto to race the Yonge Street 10km. First off, I gotta hand it to the people at Canada Running Series for putting on one hell of a good time! The Yonge Street race is one that attracts runners of all abilities. In fact, there were close to 5700 runners this year, all with different goals and reasons for running! The beauty of the event is it is a fast race and everyone gets treated really well. The volunteers are helpful and plentiful– all over the course and meeting area, the crowd is warm, the course is scenic, and the food oh the food at the end is bountiful. I am a very big fan of bananas (I can’t remember if I said this in earlier blogs – but I put back at least 4 bananas a day when I’m in peak training) and there were lots of them.

Let me get into a few details about the race. Soooo, this year was a pretty neat one. The race director, Alan Brookes, set up a fun challenge between the West Coast and the East Coast runners. It was very exciting and sparked some good friendly competition between the two coasts. It also increased the depth of the field this year. There were a lot of good runners/racers! Steve Boyd, my coach, gave me some really helpful race preparation advice. One piece of advice was to remind me not to run with the lead pack. Also, I decided not to run without a Garmin watch. Actually, it was kind of refreshing racing without it on. I have worn a Garmin for every outdoor run since I had started running. Finally, I was running the race and not against my watch!

Since I was not in the lead pack, it turned into Jeff Costen and me running together. I was chatting his ear off and making sure he knew I wasn’t “boarding the pain train”! You know, just making general observations and pointing out attractive ladies along the way! I sometimes get reeeeeally grizzly if I hop on the pain train too early in a race.   We worked well together and caught up to runners. I was feeling pretty good at the 7k mark so I decided to pick up the pace and see how others responded. No one went with me so I just kept on truckin’. I saw Rob Watson (much, much better runner than me – I know he is deep in the marathon build for Ottawa) in front of me and I just used him as the bunny. I didn’t catch him, but came pretty close. He will shake that one off and come to Ottawa ready to go! I finished the race in 9th place and ran the 10k in 30:21. I was pleased with the result especially since it is only 14 days after the ATB race which was tough on the ol’ twigs!

What’s next? I am going to stay focused and train towards a PR at the Ottawa Race Weekend 10km. Atmosphere may have said it best in one of the songs I listen to during my race warmup, “As long as I hit my notes, Imma going to try to keep up with my folks.”

Hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather and hitting the roads, the trails and the races with eagerness and excitement, lol! A little fear never hurt anyone too!

Go Blue Jays Go!




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