Ramble On

Summer solstice is the longest day of the year and often falls on the same day as one of the shortest races I run every year.  I ran the Reddendale Ramble 5k on June 21st. It is a great race (well marked, accurate distance, entertaining course) and some would say a fast course! The event is put together by Clive Morgan, Steve Boyd and many other volunteers and sponsors!

It all kicks off with a 1500m race for kids 13 years or under.  Let me tell ya, seeing those little guys in their bib number (which covers their full shirt) is pretty cute.  This is followed by the 5km.

I was feeling pretty good going into the race.  I had worked through the tension in my glute at a strength session in the middle of the week. The conditions were good and there were a couple speedy guys who would keep me honest.  In fact, one of the dudes, Alex Wilkie had just run a 3:45.19 – 1500m the night before so I knew he was a beast if it we had to get into a dog fight for the last 400m. I had to respect this kick by keeping the pace crisp and then opening up really early (putting out fire with gasoline) and seeing if he would go with me.  I am going to bore you with the splits.  I try never to do this, but… Alright so I rolled through 3km (3rd km being my slowest at 3:03) then put the hammer down and dropped the pace to 2:53 and finished the last km in 2:54. I ended up taking the tape in 14:52.

After the race everyone gets together and sticks around for bbq, juicy watermellon and bananas.  The event is growing in numbers since it’s inauguration in 2011. There was just over 100 athletes in both events.  It is an event that will be marked on my calendar for next year!

What’s next:  Training for a fall marathon.  Now I am back in my favourite season of the year, the building season.  This is the grind where you really get to know yourself and your body.  As far as the blog goes, I will try to post them every couple of weeks with topics like updates on training, smoothies, foods… ya know the good stuff in life!

Thanks for reading and thanks for all the positive feedback I have been receiving lately about the blog and my running! It helps to keep me going.


Enjoy the sun!


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