Semi Charmed Life

Loyal readers and friends, thank you for tuning in for another entry! In terms of racing, I have been laying low and just racing against my Garmin and Timex in training. Workouts have been where I feel they have to be over the last couple of weeks. Haven’t really been getting the best o’ luck in terms of weather on a few of the sessions, but, hey, those are the summer breaks! The mileage has been ramping up nicely and my legs are feeling a lot fresher this marathon build compared to the last one. I learned from last year’s mistake. Then, I always ran easy paced runs at the very quickest recommended pace. I did this for a hundred miles plus week in and week out. Lesson to be learned there: Ya just burnout your body! Another major change in my training was because my iPod broke a couple of weeks ago. Sooo… I have been running hundreds of miles solo without music, stand up sets, and podcasts. It’s been a bit of a change, but I am starting to get use to it. You know what they say: three weeks to make something a habit!

Life and good times:

The last couple of weekends I have been on the road for a bachelor party weekend (Mont Tremblant – that place really toughens up a runner!) and the amazing wedding of two of the best people I know. Sure, sure, everyone says “I have the best friends” or “my so and so is the best.” No, no, these two are literally some of the best at whatever it is they are doing. Their fantastic wedding took place in Wakefield, Quebec and it was a magnificent event! It had it all: great food, great location, great people, and I would go as far as saying, one of the wildest dance floors I have ever put my Allen Edmonds on! After the wild and rowdy celebrations were over, we packed into a bus that took us back to our hotels in Ottawa. The group on the bus was fired up! We continued to stay hydrated and went through the classic school bus routine. After a few bobberinos, some Bose speakers came out and we were playing all the classics (Semi Charmed Life, Wagon Wheel, just to name a few) and… in some of the passengers opinions, not enough Bob Seeger! The group was keen on working on their night moves! All and all, one hell of a couple of weekends! It is good to have some amazing times in the middle of a training phase just to break up some of the monotony that is running!

What’s on the plate?

I think i have mentioned in a previous blog that I am a huge fan of bananas. A cool way of eating one before a morning running, or just for a snack, is to have a Banana sushi wrap. I know this might seem like an odd pairing of foods, but let me tell ya, it’s the good stuff! Sits light in the tum tum and has a pretty similar nutritional breakdown to a powerbar or cliff bar (maybe a couple less grams of protein)

Until next time, keep setting goals and working hard to achieve them!


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