Shimmy Shimmy Ya

I race, I report, I sometimes write a race report! I was on the road last weekend to race in the Ottawa Race Weekend.  Now, before I get into my shimmy shimmy ya shimmy yam shimmy yay.  I should get into how the atmosphere was very uplifting, seeing the joys and energy as people crossed the line, people living their dream!

Sure, now don’t get me wrong. Warm temperatures are hard to run in but really fun to cheer people on in! The streets were packed this year in Ottawa! Some might argue it was the most fan attended in recent memory (purely based on my memory and others I have spoken to!). People were getting into the spirit of things and were much rowdier bunch this year, which is a good thing!

I know I say it, but check out races to see all types of raw emotions (joy, surprise, heart break, and shit, pain!… to name a few).  I am believer in supporting others cross the line. I had a couple athletes running on Sunday and was keen to see them achieve their goals! I knew a pack of people that were running their first marathon.  I had been kept posted on their 5k splits.  These ladies had been rolling solid for 4+ hours (respect needs to be given to these folks as much as to those in the front of the pack. Sheeeet they run for a longer time than most of us!

I was out racing on Saturday.  It was a little warm but no wind so it kind of balanced out.  You could sense that the fellas just weren’t going to be setting any course records that day.  The Ottawa 10k is neat.  The elite women get to start roughly 4 minutes ahead of the elite men/the masses. The first person to cross the line wins some cash/bragging rights! The gun goes and immediately there is a drive into different groups.  The east Africans lead the race followed by Dylan Wykes, then Tristan Woodfine, followed by me… I think you get the point.  We strung out pretty early in the race.  I was sitting pretty in 13th at the half way point (considerably easier first half then second 5k) not wanting to blow up because I knew there was a talented group behind me wanting to take over.  Yves Sikubwabo, an Ottawa runner now going to school in Guelph and a member of their XC/Track team, made a move between 5 and 6 km to catch up.  I bit and went with him for 6-7km (we dropped it in 2:53/54) and just hung on for dear life after that.  Well played, Yves, well played! Overall, it was a lot of fun and I ran a personal best 10k (for that course) with a time of 31:18.

It was great to see everyone last weekend! I look forward to hearing some of the local runners’ stories at  the Running Room Run Club tomorrow!

Folks, take care, train safely and have a little fun along the way!


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