Sliding into First Base Head First


I really let the blog slip to the back of my ‘to do’ list since being in Kingston for the summer. I guess I could chalk it up to training or laziness. It’s likely the latter!

Since I last put a blog out there, I have run 4 races (BMO Half marathon – Vancouver, 10k National road championships, 10 000m National Track Championships and 5k road race – on a flat, fast, accurate course in Kingston)

I wish I had a better memory and could give you more information about the earlier races. However, I will put down a few points about each.

BMO Half Marathon:

It was an interesting race. I went in to the race a little tired so I knew I would have to run a smarter race to not have the wheels fall off early. I think I opened up with a 15:30 in the first 5k, then 31:30 at 10 k. At that point, the race heads into Stanley Park and where I took a wrong turn. Instead, I kept on the sea wall a little longer than I should have! After that, I just mailed it in and held on to run a 67:34ish.

Hottawa 10k

Damn, that beast was on fire that day. I felt pretty gassed 3k in and just wanted to hold on to my position. Then, my shoe came untied on the downhill after the overpass at the 5.5k mark! It was not a fancy race but held on to be 6th Canadian that day.

Hops and Runners

It was a wicked community 5k event that Brant and I organized. We took the competitive nature out of the run and made it very welcoming for all participants. Everyone finished with a refreshing beer at Stone City Ales!

Reddendale Ramble 5k

This was the first race for Jevein Cappuccino raced and he was a hit (more on Cappuccino later in the blog). I ran the race with Kyla and we both had a good time. The event keeps growing and so do the giveaways!

Inferno 10 000m:

The season finale, the Inferno 10 000m, was a race of firsts for me. It was the first track meet I have been in since I was in grade school, the first 10 000m, the first race without a Garmin, the first national track final and the first time I have ever collapsed at the end of a race. But one thing is for sure, I learned a heap about not giving up when the house of cards starts collapsing.

Kyla and I rolled into the royal city (Guelph) with plenty of time to relax and settle in from the drive. We lounged around the hotel with Brant, Cam, Collin and Steve. It was a warm evening so I always try to delay getting out in the heat for as long as possible.

We got to the event and it hit me – track is a much different beast than road racing. (chuckle chuckle) and damn, this is a big event! I went to the administrative table to get my number (who knew you had to put a lane number on both of your hips!)

After I did a short warm up, we were ushered down to the start area just in time to catch the end of Taylor Milne’s steeple. It was amazing to see someone hit the mark right before your race! Congrats, Taylor!

Then, we were lined up in the tear drop start. I looked around for a minute at the start line, just taking it all in. After getting a few ‘what is this guy doing here’, I had to confess this was my first track race and I was just soaking in the moment. Thanks to Reid for announcing I was a marathoner going down in distance. It was fitting and was how I was feeling at the moment!

I am never one to give every split of the race because I never can remember them. I just remember the stand out moments: the first lap 68seconds and the 5k mark 15:02. Everything in between and after was just a mix of “I’m in the zone”, “Can I hold this” “Am I still on the train”, “Are we forming a new train?” “For the love of God, stop looking at your watch. It’s not even on!” (chuckle chuckle). My mom’s reaction to my race was, “Wow you must have been cognitively exhausted. You were looking around WAY MORE than the other runners.” As I mentioned earlier, this was one big learning experience!

After the smoke settled and I collapsed after finishing, I ran 30:44. It wasn’t the race I wanted to have, but it was the race I had. I am not heartbroken or let down at all. I had wicked support the entire race and for the season, for that matter. I have been through 2 half marathons, 3 10kms, an 8k, and 2x5k since Valentine’s Day. My body and mind is tired from all of the racing and the prep going into them. I really couldn’t have done it without all of the support from coast to coast! Specifically, I want to thank the people cheering me on during my 25x around the track.

I still smile thinking about the different sections! Walter, thank you for always giving me a “do it for Arty.” Kyla, Brant and Steve for keeping me honest at the start finish. And Clive for giving me a “Go get ‘em Cappuccino!”. Without you guys and all the others out there cheering their lungs, out I would have dropped out. Thank you for the help!

What’s next?

For a while, I’m setting the body on cruise control and building my aerobic endurance. I am feeling like going the distance this fall -hopefully at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. But first: a mile here in Kingston. I had to really think about doing the event. I did strength yesterday and I am starting to build up the mileage. I know I will regret not running the race tomorrow come August when I am bored running the same consistent paced runs on tired legs! Seize the moments!

Hope everyone is recovering from their seasons and has their target set on a fall event!