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Play Now A Steady Path to Liberalisation Despite a generally liberal attitude to gambling, the online scene has taken a long time to reach this point in Spain, and there are still some restrictions on internet poker. In the government split the country into 17 separate regions which were allowed to grant their own gaming licenses as they saw fit. This led to rapid growth and the country now houses over 40 casinos. A new law was passed in May , which allowed the development of all online gaming with the exception of games exclusive to the National Lottery and Blind National Lottery, Bingo, and live in-play betting including slot machines. Individual licences must be obtained for every game type that operators wish to offer, and licences are only granted to companies that house their servers in Spain and operate from.

The Gambling Act also covered advertising, promotion and sponsorship, making it illegal to advertise, endorse or promote betting activities and websites of operators who do not hold the appropriate licenses. The Act also enables Spanish authorities to impose large fines on operators that try to provide services to Spanish players. Unlike countries such as France and Portugal who tried to pass similar legislation, Spain has been relatively successful with more than 50 sites withdrawing their services voluntarily, and legal proceedings pursued against operators who attempted to continue.

Spanish Online Casinos

Thanks to the Euro, citizens of Spain have access to lots of online gambling sites. Europe is a major market for online casinos, especially after many were forced out of the North American market. Spanish online casinos are any online casino sites that accept bets from citizens of Spain and allow financial transactions in Euros. Though the legal landscape of online gambling in Spain is changing, Spanish people do for the most part currently have access to legal online gambling. Big changes are on the horizon for online gambling in Spain, as the Spanish government moves to regulate and control online casino gambling much like state governments in the US or governments in some regions of Europe.

Spanish Online Casinos

Spanish Online Casinos - Is Online Gambling Legal in Spain?

Because of heightened activity in gaming, new legislation has been passed or is in the works to give the Spanish government a piece of the online gambling pie. In , Spain was divided into 17 gambling districts, with each region given the exclusive power to grant gambling licenses. As of this writing, Spain is home to 40 casinos and more than , gambling machines such as slots in airports and bars. The only country with more standalone gaming machines is the UK. Sportsbooks are hugely popular in this football-crazed country, with legal sports gambling making up a big chunk of the increased gaming revenue throughout Spain. In order to gain a foothold in the online market, new legislation about online gambling in Spain is changing as this is being written. Starting in , the Spanish government started researching ways to regulate and legalize online gambling and allow for online casino sites to earn gaming licenses from the Spanish government. According to industry analysts, we will see Spanish-based online gambling licenses available to EU-based casino site operators sometime in the next two years.

In short, online casino gambling is fully legal throughout Spain. In fact, Spanish gamblers will soon have a lot of new options for online gambling, thanks to the Spanish governments involvement in the control of online gambling websites. Finding a casino that does business in Euros can save you from paying stiff fees or spending time and money converting your own currency. Since citizens of Spain use the Euro as their native currency, it is important for online gamblers in Spain to play at real online casinos that accept financial transactions in Euros. Many Spanish people speak Spanish as their native language, though a small portion of the population of Spain speak Catalan. It is far easier to find an online casino that supports the Spanish language than one that supports Catalan.

But the good news is, many international casino websites do offer Spanish software or customer service. The Future of Online Casinos in Spain For the first time since gambling was decriminalized in and then again in , there have been big changes to Spanish online gambling law, and more are on their way. The Spanish Council of Ministers is working on legislation that is being fast-tracked through the Spanish political system to put laws in place that build a tax plan for all online bets. Here you will find information about these new casinos, but we will also talk about and recommend casinos already established. At the end of the day, all casinos have advantages and disadvantages, so be sure to read our reviews in depth before going ahead and playing. Also, on this website you can read articles with information about the industry, and some useful tips and tricks to become a successful player.

Why Spanish Casinos Online? Find interesting online casinos can be a challenge because the industry is very big. And this is one of the biggest arguments that contributed to the motivation of creating this website, that is, helping you find the best casinos available to date in Spain. Here, our primary objective will always be to present the best online casinos. We also strive to always present excellent reviews, so you can get a full perception of what each casino can offer, so be sure to visit our website as often as possible so you do not miss any updates and make the most of the possibilities of find the most interesting offers and information. We work to make all available information as accurate and reliable as possible, so it will always be a good idea to stop by before registering at any online casino. When you have opted for a casino in which to play, remember to always read carefully the applicable terms and conditions, since it is very important to have an explicit knowledge of the rules before handing over confidential information and depositing money.

And in the same way, it is also important to remember that you must play responsibly. Therefore, we believe that you should never play with more money than you are willing to lose. Play within your limits, as you will probably have ups and downs, win and lose money.

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Spanish Casinos Online New online casinos appear constantly, which makes it difficult to know which casinos to play. We do the hard work, and here we will compile all the new and essential information about casinos and games in Spain. We have listings of new casinos, comprehensive reviews of new updates and promotions, as well as games and bonuses for casinos. Just a few clicks away! Emerging casinos are very attractive, as they offer many benefits, such as better welcome bonuses, as well as innovative technologies used to provide new elements. Here you will find information about these new casinos, but we will also talk about and recommend casinos already established. At the end of the day, all casinos have advantages and disadvantages, so be sure to read our reviews in depth before going ahead and playing.

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Spanish Best 17 Spanish Online Casinos Spanish developed in the Castile region of spain and is also referred to as castilian. There are hundreds of millions of people that speak it today and it mainly spread during the colonization of south america by spain. Most countries in south america have spanish as a native language. It has also influences from french, italian, portuguese and catalan. Spanish has also been influenced by arabic.

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