Thank You for Being a Friend

Life is a collection of experiences; some good, some bad, some numb/boring and all those in between. As my first experience of Vancouver comes to a close it’s a great time for me to reflect and give thanks to everyone that has made my time here so memorable and rewarding.

It started from the minute I landed in Vancouver. I was welcomed by Running Room area manager, Steve Mattina, who graciously drove me from the airport to the comfortable, cozy place I’d call home for the winter.

Natasha has been a delight to live with. Thank you for all the help with my transitioning to the West coast way of life. You always allowed me to use any of your household items. I know that I am very annoying when I message you to ask if I can use 2 tablespoons of milk, but you know it’s a principle of the thing with me ;-). Thanks again. I really don’t think this would have worked without being surrounded by such a like-minded person. You helped make this possible.

The BCEP/Richard Lee

You guys have been so inviting. It was the first group of runners that I have ever consistently/inconsistently been part of. Believe me, this group could put most Canadian runners through their paces and I was no exception! I gained a heap of information and workout smarts from this group. Thanks folks!

The Band (Theo and the Zealanders)

Those Sunday long runs were always entertaining. It was great talking about a wide range of subjects. Thanks fellas!

D. Wykes

Thanks for the help to get this move started. It would probably never have come together without your help connecting me with people. Dude, you make a mean cup of coffee and can whip up some Mexican with the best of them!

The Running Room

The west 4th Running Room is a great place to be. It has a youthful staff with a lot of energy. Thanks for allowing me to come out here and work this winter! It has really helped me expand my product knowledge and services experience because it has a different client base than the Kingston store. And, thanks for being flexible with my hours allowing me to focus on training.

All the race officials/organizers

Thank you to all the race organizers for allowing me to get in the races. In the previous blog I mentioned how well organized these races have been. You guys allowed me to get my feet wet in the First Half and invited me with open arms to all the races after that.



You are bold and have always been there for me. Heck, you came all the way out here for a week to see the city and me! Thank you for helping me pursue the dream. It sometimes gets hard going weeks and months apart, but so I’m happy to have you there for the journey!

To all the family and friends that have been so supportive throughout this time; thank you. Without all of your support, this transition would have been very difficult. I am so lucky to have all of you wonderful people around me, literally and figuratively!


The Next Little Bit

I will be finishing my winter in Vancouver by running the Sun Run on Sunday, April 17st and the BMO Half Marathon on Sunday May 1st. The Sun Run is pretty great race, and according to its website, it has the “biggest start line” in Canada! There will be roughly 40 000 participants running 10km around the core parts of Vancouver. I am trying to keep my performance expectations pretty level for the race. I just want to go out there to take part in the show!

The last race, before heading back to Kingston (first week of May), will be the BMO Half Marathon. Since I have raced this distance earlier in the season, I feel that I will have a better sense of how to run this distance without going to energy reserve too early.

Then, it’s back home to run some races and figure out a few of life’s challenges before coming back out here at the end of the summer for a bit more of an extended stay. You guys really didn’t think I could drink the kool-aid and walk away!

All jokes aside, thank you all very much for reading this blog and thank you for all of the messages and support you have sent!