Thank You

I am sure most readers have seen the Canadian Tire commercial with Jonathan Toews thanking everyone for their support over the years.  It’s a heart melting commercial.  If you haven’t seen it, here it is:

It is always important to give thanks for what has been given to you.  I think we sometimes get too busy to give thanks and feel it is something people just sort of get and understand.  Bump that, I am a huge believer in thanks and giving thanks.  This easily could have been my first blog post but thought it had to be posted in the first five.

Gotta give a big thanks to my mom.  She has been there and supported me during the tough times (early parts of traumatic brain injury rehabilitation – this is still on going = talk about this more next week), even during my party years when all I really accomplished was a bit of a beer belly and a few good stories.  She listened to some of the rants i had when I was thinking about giving up this running thing because, god dammit I couldn’t seem to hit my spits and was always injured. Driving me to races, hockey and everything else sports related when I was growing up. Thanks, Mom!

My aunt is another person that is always on my team win or lose.  She has gone to loads of my races all over North America to cheer me on and add some wit and a smile to the experience. All she could do was laugh when I insisted i NEEDED a physio ball in Boston to do my stretches the day before the race. I laugh because of how foolish I was!  She works hard to promote my name in the Ottawa area and thanks a heap for all that you have done!

Friends. I have truly been blessed to have met such an outstanding group of people. These fellas are incredibly supportive of my, what has become a little more boring life- style over the last year and a bit.  They come to races all over Ontario.  For my first marathon (first road race?), a group of them piled in my buddy’s 1993 Honda Civic (amazing year for the Civic, they don’t make them like they use to!) and headed to Ottawa.  The race wasn’t much to talk about but their drive home was.  After the race, and on their drive back to Kingston, it starts raining overweight cats and dogs.  As fate would have it, the wind shield wiper breaks down, and, wouldn’t you know it, being Canadian and all, there are a pair of hockey skates and a hockey stick.  The boys jimmy up a manual powered wiper system and just get on their way like it was page 12 of yesterdays newspaper.  God bless them! The same group came up to watch the STWM a couple of months ago… I didn’t hear of any problems with the wipers this time! Thanks, be to the boys!

The trainers and coaches.  I had a larger training staff in my early years.  The people that started this all,you people rocked and have been a key to my injury free training.  All of the early trainers and coach (Shane Lakins) put a large emphasis on my fundamental movements and developed my stride so that I won’t have as much wear and tear.  Having a set muscular balance is important for any sport, all of you people really helped that out.  To my current coach, Steve Boyd.  Thanks dude.  You have always been very positive with my development. Steve is a great guy that sees the big picture. He is easy to work with and makes the experience fun. Also, has to deal with some straight up dumb stuff I say and do at times.  Example… last week, I am in a training session where i am running, say, 50 lap workout broken down over different intervals.  I hit my splits damn near perfectly on 47 of those and complain about how i was off my mark by a second on the odd lap nearing the end of the session and need to improve.  Sorry, Steve!

To my sponsors; The Running Room and Kurtis Marlow (RMT).  Both of you have been extremely kind to me.  The Running Room (a store that I work at) took me on when I wasn’t much to talk about – still not much – but trying to get there. They keep me in fresh kicks and sharp apparel (the RRX gear is nice!).  Kurtis is an extremely warm-hearted person.  I have been getting regular massages since the summer and it has made a huge different in terms of my recovery rates and ability to go hard in training.  Folks, get massages regularly!

I think the music is starting up and the hook is getting taken off it’s holder! I just am so thankful for all of the support that has been given to me over the years.  Thank you for reading this blogs. After next week’s TBI post, I will try and get more into training and stuff….

Thank you and you and YOU


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