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But the bulk of those meadows are long gone, their wild grasses giving way to the neon-lit stretch of roadway known as the Las Vegas Strip. The largest of its kind when it opened, the El Rancho set the stage for a boom that spawned iconic hotels such as The Flamingo and the late, great Desert Inn. With this flurry of activity—sometimes legal, sometimes less so—the Sin City that we know and love today was born. A retro scene awaits visitors on nearby Fremont Street, nicknamed Glitter Gulch for its abundance of neon signage. The good times still roll at mega-resorts such as T he Mirage and Bellagio , and shows from Cirque du Soleil and Celine Dion are as spectacular as any the town has seen. The surrounding area, however, is just as famous for being home to world-class universities, museums, and landmarks such as the Hoover Dam.

Despite the bright lights that blaze nearby, life maintains a degree of normalcy on the quiet campus of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Though it has no professional teams, the city keeps one foot in the sporting world by annually hosting events such as the NBA Summer League. Read More.


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vegas casino deals

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vegas casino deals