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The wild symbol is capable of substituting for any symbol except the Blue Bug scatter symbol or the Green Pharaoh symbol. The Green Pharaoh symbol is capable of appearing on reels 1, 2, or 3 only and is what triggers the free spins bonus round. Players can also get 5 of a kind, 4 of a kind, 3 of a kind, and 2 of a kind to win a various payout amounts. Scatter pays are also awarded when the scatter Bug symbol appears on any of the reels on any of the active lines. Free Spins Bonus The bonus feature of the game is the free spins bonus round. To trigger this round a player has to get the green Pharaoh symbol on either reel 1, 2, or 3. The player is asked to pick a stone block, which then awards the player a particular amount of free spins. The player continues picking 5 different blocks and then is awarded a certain number of free spins with a multiplier.

The symbols in the free spins round are completely different from the original game with a different song that plays in the background. Once the free spins round is over, the player is taken to a different screen where winnings are presented across the screen with a boat and dancing Egyptians.

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IGT has taken a more fun approach to the design of this title. There is a cartoony spin on the graphics, and the background music is borrowed from the famous pop song Walk Like An Egyptian. Betting is fixed, so players cannot wager on any fewer than 15 lines — but this ensures that a winning opportunity is never missed. Top Prizes When two, three, four or five symbols land on the same payline, players are offered some very impressive payouts. The top prize available from the scatter is 10 coins while the top prize from a regular symbol is coins. Since only two picture symbol are required to make a winning combination in this game, wins are much easier to come by. The overall volatility is increased, making for a much more exciting gaming experience. Free Spins Bonus When three scatter symbols land on the same payline, the player will trigger the free spins round.

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What is Pharaohs Fortune mobile slot about?

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