Word Forward

Hello, wherever you are. I thought it would be a neat time to check in and give a little up date on how things are going in my world. If this is your first time logging into this blog it’s going to be mainly about training and running.

During the month of July I ran every run without music (besides the one on July 1st). Running 100s of miles solo without music really gives you some time to think about things. For some of you, this might be ah, dah, everyone knows that. And for some it might be insightful. Hey, it is what it is!

Lessons I have learned:

–> You can’t force every run. For the early part of July and the end of June I was running some down right shitty tempo runs. I just couldn’t seem to hit the pace I knew I was good for. I would even start them slow then progress the pace. This wasn’t working. My coach, Steve Boyd, was starting to notice this too and changed some of my tempo runs to give me workouts that would force me to run the pace by blending two speeds together during a session. Finally, the pace figured itself out. I am back to running the sessions I knew I could and should be running.


Never say “I can’t do this” if it doesn’t happen the first few times. This is a time to get creative and think of different ways to solve the problem. You have to keep thinking positively about the process and everything else just kind of falls into place. If you snap mentally, physically you will have a much tougher time achieving the goal.


–> Last year I started to run for everyone else and forgot to run for the love of it. It was weird: Last year I just sort of got fast. I was blessed with the ability to take 11min off a 30k, 3min off a half marathon, and 1 minute off a 5k in a matter of months. I thank my coach for the guidance to do that! With that improvement rate, I started to put a lot of pressure on my shoulders. It was the need for extrinsic motivators that almost drove me out of the sport.


Do it because you really, really, really like doing it! Just do it for the thrill of running loads of miles and that you wouldn’t rather be any place in the world than out on the road, trail or track with your size 9.5 Mizunos on! Being intrinsically driven makes for a much more rewarding experience than any extrinsic reward will ever give a person. It has taken me many years to figure it out.

If you are doing a lot of training, you need to consume lots of calories, before and after a run. Smoothies are a good way to get them in ya!

Here is an example of a my recovery drinks:

1 scope of Vega One French Vanilla

1/2 scoop of Vega Sport Protein Vanilla

3 Bananas (better to be spotty, none of those green stems!)

3 Medjool Dates

2 huge handfuls of baby spinach

3 Cups of Watermelon

Vanilla Almond Milk


This will make roughly 2 litres of smoothie!


Hope you are all training/living well! Oh, ya, the Blue Jays need your cheers again so wear that blue and white with pride!


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